Worship in the Woods

I was camping in the woods last week. One morning, I had the burning desire to worship the Lord. I played some anointed worship music, and started singing my praises.
After I had worshiped for a while, I opened my eyes. And there, on the picnic table right in front of the trailer, were three black crows. "Worship the Lord!" I sang to them.
I decided to go for a walk. A little ways down the road, I saw a cardinal and a blue jay sitting side by side in a tree. "Worship the Lord!" I sang to them. I stared at them for a while, and they fluttered but they never moved from that tree.

Farther down the trail, I saw two deer in the field. They stopped and stared at me. I have never seen deer in this park before. "Worship the Lord!" I sang to them.

It seemed as if the whole earth came alive with worship that day.

Where are you going? Take God with you, and just see how God's creation comes alive before you...
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