The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I've been having a recurring dream the past few years. I'm in a thrift store, rifling through a rack of colorful clothing to find something to wear. In the dreams, there's always a large white-haired man watching me. He is the owner of the store. Because he keeps watching me, I can't try on any clothing. I feel very vulnerable.
In one of the dreams he turned off the lights so I would stop looking at the clothes.

The clothing represents my covering. The owner is God. The obvious meaning of this dream is that God wants me to stop trying to get under other people's coverings. Their coverings may look flashy and colorful, but I'll never really get to know God if I don't get under His covering.

How did I do that? I wasn't comfortable hearing from God for myself, so I would constantly ask other people what they thought, so I would know what I should think. And in the process of seeking their wills, I found myself trying to please them instead of God.

I was grieving God, to the point where He had to remove people and places from my life (hence the lights going out) in order to get my attention. And when I cried out to God in my loneliness and despair, it was only then that I could finally discern His voice. I'm still learning. Still listening.

At first I thought this was just something God wanted for me, and not necessarily anyone else, but then I found this article:
God wants to be my technicolor dream coat. How about you? Who's your dream coat?
"He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge."

 (Psalm 94:1)
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