Hands of Compassion

For I seek a people of compassion in this day. Surely I seek for My sons and daughters who hold My heart, a heart of mercy for the oppressed, a heart of compassion for the meek and lowly. I seek for those whose tongues are purified by fire. I seek for those of My sons and daughters who will spend their life to feed My poor. For those who will minister from a spirit of love and compassion to feed the poor in spirit. For those who will bind up the brokenhearted.

But I tell you, that in these ones' mouths shall flow healing power for the afflicted, shall flow healing power for the mind and heart. Out of these ones' hands shall flow healing power for the sick, for I shall birth a heart of compassion such as I walked with on Earth. And even greater shall these do. And these ones, they shall feed the poor of the world. They shall visit the sick. They shall be found ministering in the prisons and their delight is to do the will of My Father.

But not many shall be from the strong and the influential. Oh no, indeed, for My glory shall shine through these bruised ones, through these overlooked. And they shall yet bring in a move into My body that shall reflect the hands and the heart of My Father Himself. So repent and humble yourself under the mighty hand of the Lord your God, and look well to your ways.

From the book "Journal of the Unknown Prophet."
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