Dream of Love

I dreamt I was at this man's house. His wife was working hard picking up stones from the ground, cleaning the yard. I thought he must really love her. But...he seemed to take an interest in me. It was as if he loved me, but I wasn't doing anything important like his wife was. I wondered why he didn't dote on her instead of me. Then I saw his wife with spurs on her feet, working up the ground. I was so impressed with her.

She was working the ground, picking up rocks and digging up soil with her spurs. To me, she represents the evangelist, a modern-day John the Baptist. She was working the hard, rocky soil.

This is a modern day Mary and Martha story. What was Martha doing? She was performing a ministry for Jesus. There are many ministry positions to fill in the church, and that's all good, but Jesus just wants us to spend time with Him.
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